How to identify the true and false from the appearance of Hermes bag

1, Hermes bag logo letters “H”
Hermes bags have a very clear English first letter “H” logo, such as fake Hermes belt bag handle at the bottom and button zipper are printed with “H” letters. Handle at the “H” letter is a craftsman in the weaving process once completed, due to the complexity of the process so the cost of cloth and then embroidery after the embroidery is also expensive. Imitation of the production process can not reach this process, which can be carefully identified under the next.
2, Hermes bag lines
Hermes bag canvas bag is made of sophisticated French knitting techniques, from two different lines of the texture of the weaving of alternating pieces, rather than ordinary flat knit, which is one of the reasons for the expensive replica Hermes belt, bag, cottage Hermes bag can not embroider this pattern.

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3, Hermes bag number
Hermes bag in addition to sophisticated production tradition, but also in the sewing process marked with numbers, and each bag has a unique number to reflect its distinguished origin.
4, taste to distinguish true and false love
Hermes bag new authentic have a special leather taste, this taste is Hermes bag leather preservative, this syrup is very expensive, cottage Hermes bag simply can not afford to pay, but also can not imitate.
5, Hermes bags no factory flow of goods
A lot of cottage Hermes bags are the name of the factory flow or parallel imports of slogans as true love Ma Shi bag proof, in fact, Hermes did not allow the brand’s services and access to any mistakes, so there is no factory flow problems.

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6, look at the pad to identify true and false
To Hermes nylon cloth, for example, fake Hermes belt nylon bag inside there will be several layers inside, it will not be very thin, and the cottage Hermes bag in order to minimize costs, only one or two layers to deal with thing.
7, identify Logo
Really Hermes bag zipper head of the metal part of the back printed with Lampo words is the latest anti-counterfeit signs, which is the name of the Lampo will have a figure below, which probably started around in 2002, when buying Hermes bags can be more customers Pay attention to this detail, in addition, Hermes bag metal logo on the font part there is a little shallow prominent, which is the cottage Hermes bag can not do.