Hermes sixth generation descendant

Axel Dumas, the sixth generation descendant of the Hermès luxury empire, became the chief executive of the company in February, when he had a secret – – four days later, he will have to replace replica Hermes belt important women’s clothing product line designers, and now the position is highly respected designer Christopher Lemaier (Christophe Lemaire). At that time we sat in his office in the 10th floor of the building, from here to look at the beauty of the Montmartre hills. It was an interview that I spent weeks discussing.

So what about the 44-year-old CEO want to talk about? “Hermes’ main force comes from the love of the opponent’s craft.” This is his first thing with an accent but fluent English. Ten seconds later, he said, “We are regarded as creative craftsmen.” In an interview to thirty minutes, he said: “Hermes philosophy is to let the crafts go.” Two hours passed, no matter How do I ask questions about how fake Hermes belt is the fastest growing company in the $ 300 billion luxury market, and Dumas remains on specific details. From the $ 94,000 crocodile leather T-shirt to the $ 1,275 beach towel, he was tight-lipped about the art of selling these products. Of course, Dumas did not say that he was about to let the 36-year-old Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski – her former Olsen twins’ women’s clothing brand The Row’s design director – replacing Lemmer’s position, though he knew that soon I would be aware of the news with the world.
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But his insistence on all these ambiguities and secrecy work also made it clear that in the end what prompted Hermes to rise 175% over the past five years. In fact, in the “Forbes” compiled the world’s most innovative business list, with 177 years of history, Hermes ranked 13th, ranked in the net fly (Netflix), Priceline and Starbucks (Starbucks) in front of these companies. The ranking of the list is determined by examining the company’s share price beyond its basic financial position and the extent of the asset, that is, the innovation premium of each company’s market test. Hermes’s high stock price – LVMH (LVMH) a few years ago to show the acquisition of willingness and Hermes outside the circulation of the stock is not much, have played a boost – does not depend on technical efficiency, and this is Is the list of many other companies the secret of success. It is not entirely by the Dumas mouth repeated repeated “handicraft” to provide support, of course, it is certainly essential.

In Hermes, any lasting premium comes from the mystery. After all, selling a product ultimately comes down to one thing: the price. But sales are not necessities of the beautiful objects? It needs a more complex formula, and Hermes has been thoroughly cooked on the chest: last year, the company’s annual revenue reached 5 billion US dollars, while operating profit of 1.69 billion US dollars, set a historical record – the performance of fake Hermes belt became a luxury The industry’s fastest-growing company in the past six years has benefited from a range of branding and marketing campaigns that are as well as the pins of the Birkin bag.

The return of this soft innovation is enough to make a social media founder of the founders blush. In the study of Hermes’s ownership structure, “Forbes” estimated that the Hermes family (Hermes family third generation descendant did not leave male heirs, the descendants of its three daughters constitute the family of three branches, here is still known as the Hermes family – At least five members have boarded our global billionaire list. The family’s overall wealth is now as high as $ 25 billion, more than the Rockefeller family (the Rockefellers), the Mellon family (the Mellons) and the Ford family (the Fords) the sum of wealth.

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As one of the world’s best money-making machines, Hermes is in a tendency to strangle rather than promote the innovation of the vine family structure within the formation of the development process can be attributed to three dates.

The first can be traced back to 1837, when a leather harness maker named Thierry Hermès opened a shop in Paris. On the dependence of the carriage of high society, Hermes horse head and harness, its quality and beauty are unmatched. Charles-Emile Hermès is the only son of Thierry’s son, who moved his shop to 24 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, location. Charles Emir has two sons, Adolphe Hermès and Emile-Maurice Hermès. The brothers turned the family business into Hermès Frères. But eventually Adolf thought the company was in the era of the disappearance of the carriage without much future, after he left by the Emir – Morris one person to continue to operate. Emil has four daughters (one of whom died in 1920), which also explains why the family members behind Hermes now have no family name Hermes. The current control of this group is the descendants of Emir daughter, they are the fifth and sixth generation descendants of the family.